East London Evensong Choir welcomes enquiries

from prospective members at any time of the year.

Our members come from a wide range of musical backgrounds. Some are professional musicians; but most are not. Some are life-long church singers, or had early experiences as choristers or choral scholars; others cut their teeth on classical or concert repertoire, but now want to explore the unique riches of church music. All are keenly valued, and add to a unique pool of skills and experiences.

Our main requisite is strong sight-reading ability. Rehearsal time is minimal: just a couple of hours on the day, with line-learning reserved for only the trickiest moments.

Membership operates on a sign-up basis. Singers receive details of services throughout the year via a members' mailing list, and may commit to as many as they choose.

If you are interested in joining the choir, we'd love to hear from you.

Please use the Contact page to get in touch with Jonathan, our musical director.